Picture collection of my time in India

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This is a collection of photos made during my stay in India. The pictures are organised in some index pages where you can get a larger version by clicking on the thumbmail-pictures. At the beginning I was taking lots of pictures of street scenes trying to capture the look and feel of Indian roads and cities. There are some pictures from weddings and a wedding reception as well as pictures of some of the favorite holiday resorts of Indians (ooty and Courtrallam). If you think there are some pictures missing for temples or other occasions -- it might be on color slide instead of digital or I didn't take photographs at all since Hindu people are not very fond of beeing photographed during worship and it was difficult enough for Chitra to get me into the inner parts of the temples (Madurai).

I just added some new pictures from the Durgapuja which was organised in Kalpakkam itself and from the diwali (deepawali) festival in Madurai. Deepawali, the festival of light, is some mix of going shopping, making presents and fireworks. The main festival is in the family circle and special food is prepared during the night.

Flug nach Indien

Madras (Wedding reception)



Kalpakkam, Pudupadima,



Wedding Ceremony


Wohnung Kalpakkam

Durga Puja

Diwali (Deepawali)
in Madurai

My parents visited me in November and we spent a week traveling around south India (Mysore, Cochin, Madurai) and then my parents took me along on a package tour in North India (Delhi, Jaipur, Agra). In January Monika and Thorsten came from Germany and we traveled around South India (Cochin, the southernmost point at Kanyakumari, Courtrallam, Madurai.



Moni in Kalpakkam

Suedtour mit Moni und Thorsten

In December/January I was to two conferences, one in Chandigarh and another one in Calcutta. From that trip I have some photos too. For the stop over in Bhubaneswar Mohanty invited me to his families place. We roamed around to see all the Orissan stlye temples, old Jain caves and the zoo.

In March the Holi festival is celebrated all over India, but especially in the north. Kalpakkam has a small community of north Indians who are celebrating as well and I cought some on photos.




Holi in Kalpakkam

Some more Pictures which I collected over a longer time. The Trichytrip was sitting on my harddrive without comment for a long time now, so here are at least the pictures (still uncommented).


Trichy and Tanjavur

Cooking Stuff

Strange animals

Chennai concerts

Courtrallam again

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