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Picture collection from Hawaii Islands

ISMRM 2009 brought me to Honolulu, Hawaii and since that is more or less on the opposite side of the globe from Germany (without crossing the aequator) I was staying on for a little vacation visiting Maui, Hawai'i (aka Big Island) and Kauai as well. Diving trips to Lanai and Niihau were also quite fascinating -- especially the trip to Niihau with monk seals and some rare fish species (pictures are in the Kauai selection).

Usually I try to label the fish and comment on the images -- but 5 weeeks on Hawaii and testing a new under water camera case for my Nikon D80 produced a quite overwhelming amount of images and I'm happy to have a selection of them online at last. Comments and fish labels might still come in the future and also special topic selections (like under water pictures in separate collections).

link to a picture collection of Honolulu
link to a picture collection of Jazz festival
Relaxing on Maui
link to a picture collection of Big Island
Big Island
link to a picture collection of Kauai

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Hawaii 2009